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November 14, 2007

03 Puech Chaud, Coteaux du Languedoc

It's carnal in a way that meat is not. Instinctual. Raw fleshy desire. This is not a wine; this is an elixir--a transmuting potion that makes me feel desperate, wanting, and finally fulfilled. A syrah-driven blend from Rhone legend Rene Rostaing, sweetened by grenache and held in place by mourvedre, it has the texture of beef carpaccio--chewy, but disintegrating. And bloody. This is not wine; it's prey. Seasoned on the barbie with rosemary and thyme, then topped with black cherry compote. It might have been marinated in cola. Or maybe that's just the dank smoke and garrigue in the air. I guess that makes this pork--no, boar--but all I can think about is lamb. Yes, this is a bottle of lamb.


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