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November 07, 2009

To Chicken Mamou with Brix

You look surprised. I thought you expected me. As some of your may have noticed, 750 mL recently introduced Paire, a personalized wine pairing service that we'll be running for the next week. The idea's simple. Post your meal plans and we'll send you a one-on-one email with our ideas for wine pairings. Nothing is off limits. But key to this is that your email address works. So to Chicken Mamou, who wrote me earlier this morning, I've got ideas ranging from the Brooks Amycas to, yes, even beaujolais nouveau. Unfortunately, your AOL email box is full, so you'll never know what else I have to offer. Write me back at 750mL.blogspot@gmail.com when you're ready, though. To everyone else, click here to start using Paire.


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