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November 11, 2010

Eat Me, 750 mL Writing for Eater.com

I've wanted to use that headline forever. No, it's not about wine. But Eater Chicago editor Ari Bendersky's been kind enough to let me contribute a few pieces to his mecca food blog. And I said "food," not "foodie." It's what had me eagerly anticipating the launch of this site for the past two years--the timely info and fresh writing without any of that gourmand bullshit that goes along with so many other food sites. You'll see my posts trickle in throughout the day--starting a couple days ago and going on into the afternoon. I won't bore you with constant updates, but I hope you'll check them out. You can keep up by following me on Twitter @750_mL (note the stupid underscore). And, if you're not in Chicago, the rest of the site's got plenty for you, too. Afterall, what's all this wine without a little food? Well, it's a lot of awesome wine, but you get my point.


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