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January 08, 2005

02 Concannon, Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc

White flowers with zip and a whisp of smoke on the nose. Oranges and orange pith on the palate backed by impressive, yet somehow out of place acidity. Swelling salinity yields to a flabby finish of overripe citrus, powdered sugar, white pepper, and pleasantly toasty oak.


Blogger Piltdown Man said...

What's the deal with Concannon bottles? Is there some reason they decided to make them as heavy as they are? Did they get a deal froma Champagne maker?


11:33 AM  
Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

No kidding. Considering how absolutely normal the wine is, I can't imagine why the bottles are so massive. They must've gotten them free or something; I'd think all that glass would be far too expensive for a winery that makes so many medium- to low-end bottlings.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

The 2003 is nearly identical with even more strange residual sugars. These wines taste incomplete.

10:21 AM  

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