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August 20, 2005

03 Sea Smoke Cellars, Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills "Southing"

Despite the treachery of this vintage--its intense rain and heat--the Southing grapes excelled. This is a rock star pinot--flashy without being too well-groomed; clever, without really being all that intelligent. The huge alcohol and thick, bloody body come together with the acid and a trace of clean tannins. Despite such power, the focus is gorgeous fruit: tart, syrupy cherries that belong more inside a crepe than in this wine. Wild blueberries round out the finish, slightly dusty, with lots of nervy wood spice and subtle French vanilla cream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a "rock star pinot" -- what a great description. Do you write for any food or wine publications, or do you just keep this blog?

Also, have you tried a sparkling shiraz yet? I found the following list of sparkling red wines online, but I've only sampled the Rumball myself:

Andrew Garrett
Hardys Sparkling Shiraz

Middle range
Mt Prior Sparkling Durif
Tatachilla Sparkling Malbec

Rockford Black Shiraz
Great Western
Charles Melton Sparkling Shiraz
Leasingham Classic Clare
Irvine Sparkling Merlot
Henrys Drive Sparkling Shiraz

4:02 PM  
Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

Thanks so much for the feedback. I don't write for any publications. I started this blog to help me keep track of what I drink--the act of writing helps me place it in my mind.

I have not had a true sparkling shiraz. I can't say I'm expecting to anytime soon, but I'm certainly open to anything. I'll admit, in a bit of a stupor, I taste of a mix of Singe shiraz and Mumm blanc de noirs. I can't recommend it, but it wasn't bad.

Thank you for the fine recommendations. I'll try to find one of those and post some notes soon.

6:42 PM  

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