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November 06, 2005

04 Sineann, Gewurztraminer Columbia Gorge Celilo Vineyard

The Alsatians might actually prefer this Oregonian version to many of their own. Inspired by the plush, decadent style of Zind-Humbrecth, Sineann's single-vineyard gewurztraminer has a textbook taste profile of spicy lychee, pineapple, and sizzling minerals. But that's typical. What isn't is how these tastes are rendered here, in the medium of what could actually be coconut custard instead of wine.


Anonymous Jack said...

Okay, you have me intrigued about this wine. I have yet to find a US Gewurtz that even slightly resembled one from a great Alsace producer like Zind Humbrecht.

But I'd like you to elaborate, if you can, about the coconut custard aspect.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

Think of creamy, spicy, toasty oak that doesn't get in the way of fruit. You usually get vanilla notes, but here it's like coconut. The Celilo has some residual sugar, too. The wine's not sweet because there's good acidity to balance, but it adds to that texture. It's rich, but not overbearing--the way oak feels in good white burgundy. As I understand, though I have not had it, Sineann's Resonance Vineyard gewurtz is even richer.

3:00 PM  

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