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July 17, 2006

05 Terredora Dipaolo, Irpinia Falanghina

Much like the fiano-based wines of neighboring Avellino, this 100% falanghina from Irpinia in the Italian shin of Campania is brimming with bright, spritzy flavors and aromas of orange rind, lemon zest, spearmint balm, and orange jellies. Tickled by a feather of carbonation, Dipaolo's falanghina is good reason to eat outside--hands drenched in olive oil with your feet in the grass. It drinks much like a muted Spanish sauvignon blanc, but with enough weight to go course-to-course from white bean and kale soup to seafood and on into squab, roast chicken, or veal. I imagine if chef Thad Morrow, mastermind of Champaign's star-worthy Bacaro Italian restaurant, could have invented a wine for his famed shrimp bruschetta with limoncello and mint (a treasure often purer than gold), this would have been it.


Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

The falanghina also does well with relatively mild North Indian spices. It showed great balance beside the coriander-laced complexities of chicken biryani and chicken tikka--each cooked with several slices of fresh lemon.

8:04 PM  

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