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September 11, 2007

NV Canella, Bellini

Well, I think today we'll have the abbreviated 187 mL version of 750 mL. You're wondering why I'd even write about a wine cocktail, and new readers might never want to come back to this blog. If I keep this up, you shouldn't. But the truth is that just about everyone drinks stuff like this at the end of summer and it is, technically, wine--a blend of some anonymous bubbly and peach nectar. And this "bellini" markets itself as so couture in the aisles, that it deserve a once-over. It works, but quickly becomes unbearable. Maybe it's just me and memories of cheap Andre sparkling wine. Afterall, the aroma's incredibly fresh, like peach flesh right off the stone. But lurking beneath is the actual smell of a headache. And a few sips is enough to start feeling tight around the sinuses and temples. There's nothing more to say about the taste or aroma, length and finish. This cocktail is an ailment. Make your own bellinis. Lesson learned.


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