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November 30, 2010

Eater Chicago: First Look at Longman & Eagle's New Hotel

Well, not a "hotel," exactly. And, as co-owner Peter Toalson told me last night, definitely not a "bed and breakfast." If only whiskey started with a "b," this place might have a more alliterative name. For now, it's the Inn. Stationed one floor above what you might call a gastropub, or a saloon. Or a Michelin-starred restaurant. Anyway, call it what you will, Logan Square's Longman & Eagle restaurant is now just two weeks away from opening its much-anticipated... hostel? Check out my post today for Eater.com for a first, inside look at the pristinely hip(ster) six-room hotel. And a big thanks to Ari Bendersky for some clutch late-night editing and for driving down there today to shoot some great pics.

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