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August 05, 2004

02 Ridge, Lytton Springs

Melange of juicy, wild blackberries and strawberries. Emerging cocoa. Lingering caramel-coated fruit. Titillating acidity. Hot, powerful, but balanced finish. Clean, chalky tannins. Dynamically structured.
75% zinfandel; 20% petite sirah; 5% carignane


Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

Food pairings:

Though too robust for most mild vegetarian or seafood oriented dishes, this wine does quite well with a basic red sauce. Sweet basil and a little bit of sugar in the sauce help overcome the wine's heat and accentuate the fruit profile. Surprisingly, the acid from the tomatoes and the tannins from the wine cancel each other out.

Bold and challenging with spices like cayenne, paprika, and black pepper. Disjunct by most people's standards, I would guess, but perhaps enticing to many -- especially if the spicy dish centers around a thick, bloody steak.

Locatelli (sharp Parmesan)is too much for the wine, reducing the powerful zinfandel to an odd taste of soapy nuts.

Double Leicester or any fatty, rich cheddar-like cheese is the most alluring pairing. The blubbery cheese silences all the aggression of this wine. The wine accentuates a lurking, but sometimes allusive floral component of the cheese while the cheese brings out richer, more discernable blackberry and plum from the wine. Sharp white cheddar would not work.

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