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May 13, 2007

05 Bodegas Naia, Rueda Verdejo Naia

If Chablis, with all its Loire-like limestone and Kimmerdigian clay, can be considered a part of Bourgogne, maybe this is Rueda's claim to the AOC. Second only to Naia's own Naia des, it's a legendary verdejo that does more with the grape than most would ever think possible. Fresh and lemony, with notes of sea salt, honeysuckle, and flint, it's every bit as simple as it is complex--a wine that's as much fun to chug as it is to sip slowly next to grilled squid and garlicky escargot. Rounding out a portfolio that also includes the electric Las Brisas verdejo/sauvignon blanc, Naia makes a strong case for the Bodega's being one of the world's finest white wineries. Its house style blends freshness and balance with precise fruit and naturally cutting acid. It's as much a drink as it is a seasoning--lifting every meal, lifting warmth out of a cold morning in spring.


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