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December 10, 2010

750 mL Stumps the Chef

I thought I was sick for suggesting it, though I wouldn't have been the first. But then, Chef Giuseppe Tentori of Chicago's Michelin one-star Boka actually took me up on it. Not quite Iron Chef, but just imagine the chairman for a second, announcing "tonight's secret ingredient is...." He raises his arms, lifting the metal dome, now suspended in mid-air over a table full of...? Breast milk. Chef Tentori asked the Twitter masses to select a new ingredient to incorporate into his menu--something difficult to find. Today, he culled his list of entries on Twitter down to three, and somehow I made the cut. Now, the voting begins. And even if you don't live in Chicago, you've got to admit that seeing one of the country's best young chefs try to source breast milk is a cause we've all got to get behind. To vote, tweet "breast milk #stumpthechef" to @giuseppetentori. I just threw up a little in my mouth.


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