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April 30, 2005

04 O'Reilly's, Pinot Gris

Clean and elegant. Vats of O'Reilly's pinot gris are usually topped with a small proportion of David's Owen Roe 30-year-old vine pinot gris. As I understand, a mistake was made, and more Owen Roe than intended was added this year. The result is a pinot gris that challenges the brash nectarous fruit of other New World examples (including past O'Reilly's). Lightly herbal aromatics lead into silky medium-bodied white fruit, which finishes with calm hints of coconut, vanilla, and pear. Impeccable.


Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

I had the 04 Owen Roe last night. It's a phenomenol wine, but for drinking now I actually prefer the lightness and balance of the O'Reilly's. The Owen Roe is very close to Alsace in style. It's minerally to the point of being salty. Ripe pears emerge in the finish which fades off quickly into coconut. It's a smokier, heartier wine that should do quite well over a few years.

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