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May 08, 2006

05 Bodegas Zabrin, Calatyud Garnacha de Fuego Old Vines

I miss drinking glass-bottle Jarritos at the bodegas in my old Mexican neighborhood with the money I had left over from lunch each day. And then there were the Jarritos from the corner grocery in little Puerto Rico, right outside the Greens, that I dosed on my way to a writers' workshop on Saturdays. The yuppies can keep their coffee, I thought. It was all just sugar, really, but those sodas seemed so exotic until I grew up and found them at every major megamart. ...and then in the Zabrin's terroir. Powerful, exotic, and uniquely familiar like the great table wines from Languedoc and Cote du Rhone, the "fiery" 05 garnacha is like a black fruit punch garnished with fresh blackberries and dried plums beside a hot plate of cheesy enchiladas and peppered skirt steak. Breakfast as it should be. The yuppies can keep their coffee.


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