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May 24, 2006

05 Woop Woop, Shiraz

Look, sometimes I like a good action movie. Sometimes, I want Bruce Li over Bruce Lee. Sometimes, I shave, put gel in my hair, and wear cologne. And, might I add, alter-Nilay cleans up nice despite his flaws. The 05 Woop's got plenty wrong with it--from spiky acidity to hollowed tannins--but it, too, hides itself well. It's a torchbearer of its style; the smokeless, stainless-style fruit is that good. It tastes like a blackcurrant smoothie, with little hints of orange juice and banana in the back. In the face of all this concentration, though, the texture is still lean with the acidity of a nice young garnacha, Flinstones vitamins, or Pepsi. Summer shiraz, I suppose, with a kick.


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