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August 17, 2006

04 Dry Creek Valley, Fume Blanc Estate DCV3

I think I've just been infected with chimera. What looks deceptively clean--pouring with the limpid clarity of San Pellegrino Panna--unfurls on my palate like it's seeking revenge. From its musky aroma of old, dusty books, I feel like I've uncovered something in the attic that my parents never wanted me to see. Canned pineapple rings, pickled jalapeno pepper juice, lychee, and spritzy melon cocktails round out the flavor. I need a lozenge.


Anonymous Michelaccio said...

You must have truly run out of things to drink at your house. Scary things lurk in attics (Capt. Tripps, Jumangi, Dorian Gray, Life Magazines with Richard Nixon on the cover, etc). Don't go in the attic! It sounds like you were drinking the vinous equivalent of a grade school lunch from the 1960s.

10:47 AM  

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