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December 01, 2007

06 Brick House, Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge Select

Words like "soft," "delicate," and "luxurious" come to mind, before I realize that this supple pinot noir tastes like one thing: cinammon-cherry farts. It's with that mindset that I go into writing about this wine--an aged-Burgundy-like pinot that fortifies itself with the real must of Oregon. The warmth of Ribbon Ridge shows here. There's so much texture to these grapes--milky, murky, like blood wrung from the pits of fire-roasted black cherries--but it still manages to stay lovingly light. Maybe that's that "iron fist in a velvet glove" thing. But, in typical pinot form, this is also a temperamental bottle of wine. It's shy around food, almost scared, and breaks down into little more than tart cranberry juice. You could put it next to something flavorless--maybe some turkey or fried tofu--but otherwise, this is the opening course. The amuse.


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