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May 22, 2008

06 Domaine de la Pepiere, Vin de Pays de Jardin du la France Marches de Bretagne Cuvee Granit

This wine tastes like a dirty joke, an old sponge or loofah. Maybe that's why it reminds me of the Paris subways--I can't tell if it's me or them, but either way I'll need a shower when I get back to the hostel. The Pepiere Muscadet is a profound country red common to the south of France, which makes it all the more interesting coming from so far north. Yes, I said Muscadet, the designation that winemaker Marc Ollivier can't get onto this bottle. I know. You're thinking tart, summery white wine. And instead, here we have a meaty, musky blend of cabernet franc, merlot, and malbec. It should be Bordeaux. It is, really. With all the gnarly, gristly flavors that make us love red wine. It makes you wonder why so many other wines have to cost so much, have to take so much effort to produce--when this is all we really need.


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