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December 02, 2009

09, Crisis at The Eyrie Vineyards

A close friend and former colleague today tipped me to some heartbreaking news. And while it's not my place to be involved in matters personal or business, this one impacts anyone who enjoys reading this blog. Because one of the very dear inspirations for my work--as much as I'd like to pretend I have no biases--is The Eyrie Vineyards, whose wines I like well enough, but whose culture, I adore. Without the late David Lett, his son Jason, and their noble cadre of winemakers, vineyard hands, and sales staff, there might be no Oregon pinot noir. And I don't think it's much a stretch to say that I'd be drinking the same cabernets as everyone else, desperately trying to communicate the significance of "95+ points." Sure, we still would have had Ponzi, Adelsheim, Erath, and many others, but I'm not so sure we'd call it "Oregon pinot" as much as "pinot noir from Oregon." The Eyrie branded what's grown to be one of the most significant landscapes--physically and emotionally--for wine anywhere in the world. And now one of its most vital organs is under siege. Guadalupe Hernandez, wife of The Eyrie cellarmaster Julio Hernandez, has suffered renal failure and needs a kidney transplant. The generous family at The Eyrie is doing its best to help, but as any American knows, the costs of critical healthcare in this country are astronomical. In response, The Eyrie has produced two wines--a chardonnay and a pinot noir--under the La Luz label, with proceeds going to fund Mrs. Hernandez's fight. I haven't reviewed them and never will, but I will make my first official "Buy" recommendation. Buy these wines. A total of only 300 cases exist. And if you purchase them now from Storyteller Wine Company, that old friend and colleague of mine will personally donate $5 for every bottle you buy. Hell, I'll even give them 95+ points. >>


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Hundreds have expressed interest, but shipping laws may be preventing some people from purchasing these wines. To you readers, would you be interested in contributing to a donation fund for The Eyrie Vineyards instead? If so, please email me at 750mL.blogspot@gmail.com. Because of the expense of doing this through a service like PayPal, I'd like to gauge interest before moving forward.

Thanks to everyone for their support!

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