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April 13, 2011

The President Drinks Classy California Wine

Obama Wine312 Dining Diva just let us know that President Obama will dine at MK when he returns to Chicago on Thursday to kick off his re-election campaign. No surprise there. The president has always been a bit of a foodie, frequenting MK, Spiaggia, and Graham Elliot over the years, not to mention this appearance he made on the local public television program Check Please. But his choice of wines do come as a bit of surprise. The president will spend Thursday night with a few glasses of Qupe chardonnay and Au Bon Climat pinot noir. The two humble, moderately priced wines are among California's most elegant, representing in many ways the wines of Oregon and France, with rich, heady aromas, but little in the way of power that you might expect someone like, say, the ruler of the free world to want.
Reviews of each coming in a few days. Add the blog to your RSS feed or email me at 750mL.blogspot@gmail.com with the subject line OBAMA to be notified when those notes go live.


Anonymous Eric Ziegenhagen said...

I have a habit of looking at framed White House menus on tasting-room walls in California. A whole lot of Shafer Red Shoulder Ranch chardonnay at state dinners during the Clinton and Bush years.

4:03 PM  

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