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March 19, 2005

01 Walla Walla Vintners, Washington State Cuvee

When I started drinking wine, there was nothing that confused me more than "oak." Tasters held their noses deep into their glasses, swirled, sipped and swished, and pronounced the taste and feel of a wood I'd never known in liquid form. Of course, it isn't liquid, but its oozing richness in some wines can't be understated. I wish I had a wine like this then. Wafting aromas of fresh pressed red berries, plum, and cherries with enormous liquid Jell-O fruit on the palate, and a powerful finish of dill. Silky tannins support the bright, sweet fruit every step of the way. I swear there's even oak in the smell, gnarled behind the brambly blossoms. Leathery chocolate and button mushrooms highlight the remarkably ripe cabernet in this hot, heady blend.


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