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January 02, 2006

03 Akakies, Amyndeon Kir-Yianni

A rose served best at room temperature (at last!), this northern-Greek Xinomavro-based wine is the beginning of spring. Sadly, I'm stuck in a Midwestern winter, but with this wine and the right food (see Comments or any restaurant in Turkey), we could rightfully be on the Aegean Sea with our toes in the sand. Though I would've never known it was from Greece, this is a wine that makes me want to visit its terroir. When cold, it has an astringent aroma of raw acid. Once at palm-cooling temperature, however, it is lean, floral, and as pretty as a woman's eyelashes. Its green strawberry and pomegranate flavors get even more lovely with food, while never being too fruity. The dry, acid structure drives this wine--drives it straight to my blushing heart.


Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

Yet another wine that shows that Indian-style food is not best served with champagne or cheap lager beer. With medium roasted Indian red chili wild salmon (tatooed with garlic, shallots, black truffle salt, coarse black pepper, lemon slices, grapeseed oil, olive oil, and flat parsley), Akakies gets more minerally, more citric, and much more floral. It is wonderfully dry against the spicy salmon, cutting the hot spice, which--in the West--is closest to cayenne.

7:43 PM  
Blogger caveman said...

Best Indian wine i hav drunk has been an aged Jurancon Sec (like the Cuvée Marie from Charles Hours)... Slightly oxidative, definitely spicey enough, and rich yet fresh... we drank a 2000 two weeks ago that was sublime...
I had a fantastic greek rose this summer but the name escapes me.. made by Tsantalis i am sure
Happy '06 Nilay.
Caveman Bill

2:14 PM  

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