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December 14, 2005

03 K Vintners, Walla Walla Valley En Chamberlin Vineyard "El Jefe"

We could be in old New Orleans right now or somewhere in the middle of Spain. There's a strange sense of place to the 2003 Jefe--strange because it seems to have so little to do with where it's from. Instead, the tempranillo-based blend communicates whatever desire Charlie has to be walking down a warm, musky street--palms moist from olive oil, lips stained blue. It's wonderfully sharp and exotic, smelling of ultra-ripe Kalamatas, persimmons, and spicy cured sausage. A friend of mine thought "muffaletta," the one from Central Grocery on Decatur to be exact. But we're back in Washington with long, fleshy flavors that carry signature depth, vibrancy, and emotion.


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