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January 01, 2010

02 Louis Roederer, Cristal

Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2002. The last decade probably won't be remembered for this--especially since it just came out--but it should be. It brings together some of my best memories of the past 10 years--the bracing tartness of my first Salon, the big frothy mouthfilling flavor of my first blanc de noirs, the sheer look of shock, awe, and horror at the metaphysical possession that was my first smell of Krug. The smile I had on my face every time I drank wine in the past ten years, whether I was a novice or expert, broke or starting to make it, no matter how hard the day had been. With my first white truffle (I thought it strange that chocolate would be served over handmade pasta), through an odd and surprisingly long stretch of vegetarianism, with duck, with tallegio, with Armandino Batali's salumi, with Chef Alyson West's cheesecake, with chorizo-stuffed dates, with Chef Kahan's tobacco ice cream for lunch. All the tables. All the broken glasses. The broken hot tub and sliced toe. But in the end, I'll remember all of that as the heady, phantomic breath--yes inhale and exhale--of the 2002 Cristal. The tart lemon curd and golden raspberry. The rhapsody. The glimmering pale yellow night and crystal. The bubble and squeak against the quickening rhythm of my heart, trickling across my tongue, clearing off my lips--remember what's come before, but give every moment its due. These nights will always be ours.


Blogger Meg said...

Hey, we had Cristal last night, too, but a '96. (Here are my notes, if you're interested: http://bit.ly/5dxqlS) Yours sounds headier, with more fruit; we had no citrus whatsoever. Happy New Year!

10:50 AM  
Blogger 750 mL said...

"like a struck bell ringing into quiet" Exactly, Meg. Thanks for posting your note. I'd love to take on the 96. Here's my note on the 97, which I thought was glorious--I can only imagine how much better the 96 was. By citrusy I just mean it's awfully young. This 02 is going to be epic in 7 years. But that's fine. What I love about Cristal is the aroma. It's probably the most hedonistic smell in all of wine. Some hate it. I live longer because of it.

12:43 PM  
Blogger Drew said...

Wow, "The Toe Incident" made it in huh? I have a pic from the day after, ~$2,500 split among 24 empty wine bottles all lined up along the wall.

10:43 AM  

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