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September 06, 2006

04 Chateau Maris, Minervois La Liviniere Syrah La Touge

It could be Cote-Rotie. But sourced from just southwest of the Rhone in Minervois, the syrah here comes off even spicier than its famously sun-baked cousin. La Touge is an aroma-driven wine that manages to offer exactly the same blended flavor on every sip without ever getting dull. Nothing develops. It smells and tastes mathematical, a precise formula of seared sirloin, fresh blacktop, chewy bacon fat, green peppercorns, and Maille mustard. Dead petals of violet settle like fall leaves in the background. This is a meaty, incredibly masculine syrah with firm, smoky tannins. If the fresh raspberry flavor (thin but powerful like a consomme) that does eventually emerge was a bit denser on the palate--a hallmark of the 2002--I would have cleared the entire lot off the market.


Anonymous Dave said...


Thank you for this tasting note! This is exactly the kind of wine I've been craving lately (wine's answer to meat), but I wasn't sure whether the Maris was Yin or Yang.


8:10 PM  
Blogger Nilay Gandhi said...

It's a cool wine, just be careful. Its lack of concentration can get annoying, but the 04 Touge is still worth spending some time with--especially if a lean steak happens to hit the grill.

8:19 PM  

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