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January 05, 2010

10 New York Wine Expo, Write for Me

The 3rd Annual New York Wine Expo is this February 26-27 in New York city. There's a broad lineup of tastings from 170 producers and seminars in store, appropriate for--it seems--just about anyone. I'm happy to announce that all 750 mL readers receive a discount. Register at this link before February 19 for $10 off your tickets with discount code 750MLBLOG.

...which reminds me. There are so many great events like this all year all over the world. One of the more notable ones I missed recently was Josh Greene's talk about 100-point wines in Brazil. It kills me. The focus of this website will always be tasting notes, but I've been to a lot of these huge tasting events. I know they provide a lot of value to attendees. Why lock them away to the privileged few who have press passes or time away from work to swill a couple hundred bottles while eating water crackers and cured meat?

I'm looking for a few more of me. Some live, water cracker-eating bloggers who want to post or crosspost on 750 mL during major wine tastings, seminars, vintage reports, and other industry events. E-mail me if you're interested at 750mL.blogspot@gmail.com.


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