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May 05, 2011

Champagne Officially Dead

I work in marketing. I get it, boys. Sometimes, you've got to bend over to sell your product. And as long as your product is good deep down inside, I'll cut you some slack if it means getting the word out. Veuve Clicquot: You get no slack, because as tremendous as your La Grande Dame is, the basic wine most of us know you by is, well, I think I described it as sweet and flabby as the girl who broke up with you the second week of summer camp. But Dom. Dom Perignon you're damn different. No matter how popular you are, in your best vintages you're a serious fucking wine. A tete-du-cuvee if there ever was one, and one that plays to those yeasty, bready, I-feel-warm-inside flavors that few even know exist.

So what the fuck is this?

Now available at Binny's.


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