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September 16, 2006

05 Sineann, Gewurztraminer Columbia Gorge Oak Ridge Vineyard

I guess I'll be making risotto tonight. This wine sucks the life out of me, to the point where I just want to boil it off in a pan with some starchy Arborio rice. It's unwittingly spicy--lonely with white pepper and old cinammon that has no fruit to season. There are traces of pear, honeydew rind, bitter green grapes, romaine lettuce, lime sorbet, and tonic. Combined with a thin, drying texture and a floral, but alcoholic kick at the end, this is only good in the way great gin is good--failing to balance the otherwise classic spice with any sense of depth or texture. The lingering taste of rose petals does bring me back for a second glass, though.


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